Why invest in professional photos, videos, and tours for your listings?

NAR (National Association of Realtors) research shows that between 88 and 90 percent of home searches start online and that listings with professional photos generate 60 percent more views than listings with agent-taken photos.

What are the costs of your products and packages?

Our pricing and our packages are outlined on our website on the “Pricing” page. We are available to discuss them with you, help you evaluate the options, and answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call. 561-951-5694

What does the term HIGH DEFINITION mean?

This is the photo technique that we utilize in all of our packages. Each time the photographer shoots a photo, he or she is actually capturing several images. Those images are then blended together to create one beautiful image in which both the interior and exterior of a home can be viewed.

How do I schedule a shoot?

Call us at (561) 951-5694.  

How soon can you photograph my listing?

We work hard to ensure availability to photograph your listing within 1 to 3 days of the time you place your order. Of course, our workflow varies, so call for more details. 

Should I attend the shoot?

We always prefer that the Realtor attend the entire shoot. Being onsite gives you an opportunity to communicate to the photographer any specific preferences yo have or shots you have in mind. Otherwise, we’ll use our best professional judgment and will take the photographs that we believe best market the property.

How long will the shoot take?

It varies based on factors like the home’s size, how well-prepared the home is, etc., but generally a basic shoot will take about 1-2 hours. A 3D Virtual Tour package shoot will take about 2-3 hours. During this time, we ask that you ensure we have full access to the home and that nothing is parked in the driveway. Additionally, we ask that the Realtor homeowner turn on all available lighting and turn off any fans.

Do you still shoot if the weather is bad?

We rarely need to cancel shoots. If it’s overcast, or raining lightly, we still shoot and get great results. With still photos, we replace the gray sky with a blue sky when it is needed at no additional charge. We understand that as a Realtor in our area, you aren’t simply selling homes, you are selling the beautiful South Florida climate.

If the weather is questionable, the photographer will generally call you an hour or two before the shoot. Based on the radar and the circumstances, we will make a call about whether to shoot.

Please keep in mind that if you wish to cancel or re-schedule, we require you do so by 5pm on the business day before the shoot. A cancellation or re-schedule after this deadline will incur a $40 cancellation fee. These fees compensate our photographers for reserving their time for your shoot.

How do I pay?

Payment is required at or prior to the shoot. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.  You can pay online directly through your Invoice or if using TourFactory, directly on the TourFactory site.

What is your turnaround time for photos?

For all packages and products, we guarantee that your photos will be delivered to you by the agreed upon method within two business days.